Affordable, equipped room hire for therapists in Oswestry, Shropshire

If you are a therapist and looking for room hire in the Oswestry are we have two to choose from.

Serenity is set up in a clinical style, and is suitable for reflexology, massage, reiki and acupuncture.  You may find that you prefer it for doing counselling – the choice is yours, subject to availability.

Tranquillity is set up in a more homely style, and is suitable for reflexology, massage, reiki, acupuncture, osteopathy, and talk therapies such as counselling and hypnotherapy.  Again, the choice is yours, subject to availability.

Equipment is provided for each room, and we also have a store-room where equipment that is not currently being used can be kept. This is also available for therapists to keep their equipment in to save them having to bring it each time they meet a client.

Room hire in Oswestry
holistic room hire in Oswestry

Room hire is booked using a Google calendar that each therapist will be given access to when they decide to use the Therapy Centre.

Charges start at £10 per hour and can be booked on an ad hoc basis.  For more regular bookings, you might want to consider booking a specific day a week at the price of £100 per month, paid in advance.  Each new team member is given up to 3 months to decide if they want to take the £100 price which will give them an allocated day each week, and a 50% discount if booking a room on a day that isn’t ‘theirs’.  You may also be able to get a discount of 10% for introducing a new therapist to the team (subject to terms).

If you would like to have a tour of the Therapy Centre, please contact Rachel on and a mutually convenient time can be agreed.